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Once we have clearly defined your company’s goals, we will then design your website. This means that web site design by the hostingweby.com team is not just about beautiful looks but about creating a website that combines beautiful-unique looks and contributes to meet your business goals.

The web design package from hostingweby.com includes:

  • building up-to-date web site with the requested content, contact forms, e-mails, maps etc. With always guiding the needs of each of our clients, website design is about choosing the right CMS, such as the WordPress platform , selecting a ready-made template, or creating a custom template (custom-made template), creating custom graphics or custom code depending on the project’s requirements and goals. Multiple functionality and compatibility checks are performed prior to delivering each of our jobs to achieve a perfect, ready-to-use result
  • simplicity in site management, Simplicity and flexibility is all about a website that respects itself! That’s why we at hostingweby.com create a user-friendly, comfortable and flexible content management system that gives you great ease in managing your website with its content (photos, text, video introduction ), as well as its processing even at design level


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Also by specializing in specific web site requirements we can optionally:

  • translate the website into many languages ​​and incorporate it into the existing one which contributes to better search engine efficiency and recognition
  • create your logo. The logo is the most important part in designing and creating a brand. Logo design is very important because all subsequent design options, such as advertising design, corporate identity, packaging, and so on, depend on it. The success of a logo depends on the beautiful design, the right design and analysis of your business, and the choice of a designer who is not only limited to graphic design and talent but has experience in communication and marketing.
  • create an integrated presence on social media. Social networks can be key determinants of your sales growth. We create accounts for all the Social Media you want and we advise you on what will be most effective for your business. We also design profile and cover images to match the colors of your website so that you have a uniform online presence
  • we build e-shops online according to your needs. Beautiful appearance, speed and ease of navigation are the three most important criteria we consider in building an eshop at hostingweby.com. These three elements will be your most important asset in reaching out to your customers and staying in your eshop. If you choose custom design eshop design to stand out from the competition, we are back with you
  • we fully manage the content of your website (updates) and your presence on social media in fixed monthly bundles

Additional information

SEO optimization

One of the main channels for getting visitors to your website will be the Google search engine. This is why your website needs to be search engine friendly so your customers can easily find you. The team at hostingweby.com improves your website with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to rank first. Our team also creates attractive titles and descriptions so that visitors can choose your own website. Finally, we customize your texts so that they work well for search engines (Google)

compatible and adapted to mobile devices

A very large percentage of internet users use mobile or tablet for their navigation. Your website will look just as beautiful on all screens: mobile phone, tablet, laptop, monitor (responsive design). So those who visit the site via mobile phone or tablet will not leave it but your company will have a modernized image

fast loading

According to Google's metrics (PageSpeed ​​Insights). The speed of your website is important for your visitors to have a pleasant navigation experience. It also ensures that visitors stay on your website. The team at hostingweby.com takes the necessary steps to load all pages in a matter of seconds. Quick webpage and pleasant navigation means repeat visitors

legal and technical coverage

Personal Data Security (GDPR). The GDPR applies to all companies and companies within the European Union, but also to those that, while not located in the EU geographical area, offer goods or services to citizens within the European Union (EU). Consequences of non-compliance with GDPR under the regulation concern fines of € 10,000,000 or 2% of the company's worldwide annual turnover – whichever is higher /20,000,000 € or 4% of the annual worldwide turnover work. The official date of application of the law is May 25, 2018

security protocol

(HTTPS) to securely connect and transmit user data while visiting the site


From spam and malicious attacks. The site is specifically designed to avoid the collection of email accounts that may be on it. The protection is only against robotic spam systems and not against functionality. Emails continue to show and function properly, without any hindrance

web site hosting and e-mails

Unlimited bundle on Google servers (24 months)

automatic daily backup

Backup of website files

traffic statistics

Complete and detailed website statistics are provided. Traffic statistics are provided in partnership with Google