Connect at your mailbox through your browser easily with safety, without the need to configure a seperate mail client. Check for new messages, view your inbox for the last 15 days, your sent items and more

Multilanguge interface of your account through our webpage, unlimited disk space for your messages, with the best protection from viruses and spam emails, accesible via smartphone, is the best reliable solution for your email account.

Without spam or dargerous mails

hostingweby.com applies an innovative system to avoid disturbing emails from your inbox. Protect from messages witch contain viruses or malware software, with no cost. hostingweby.com runs an antivirus system that checks your email before delivered at your inbox.

View only messages that you are intrested, and the rest of them are our business to find them and autodeleted them...

Proper use of the service

  • Maximum 500 sent email per day for your account
  • Maximum send size 50MB per email
  • Emails are been kept at hostingweby.com servers for 15 days after delivered

**The above limit are applied at most hosting companies to maintain the right use and avoid spam e-mails